Co-Authoring The Book How to Build Android Apps with Kotlin

Book: How to Build Android Apps with Kotlin
Our Book How to Build Android Apps with Kotlin

New Chapter

In late 2019, I received a message asking if I was interested in co-authoring a book about Android development. I immediately replied yes and after a little process, I became part of the team and I started my chapters.

From Note to Book

For my chapters, I started with outlines of how I envision the chapter will look. I wrote down words and sentences, group them into paragraphs, revise the draft, and repeat. I then added the exercises, update the text to match it.

Table of Challenges

Working on a book about software development is a bit tricky as things move rather quickly. Motion Layout was still in beta when we started and then the stable version was released. Android 11 was launched so we also had to to target API level 30 and update the dependencies. Kotlin Android Extensions became deprecated so we have to remove Kotlin synthetics.


I learned a lot from the other authors, the editors, and the reviewers. It took us months to finish the book and it’s feels great that it’s now available for everyone to read and learn from.



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Jomar Tigcal

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